Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Trip Williams Author

For Trip Williams, life began on the west coast of British Columbia.  Born to beachcombing parents, this new life started out as a full blown adventure.  A dresser drawer for a crib aboard a thirty-eight foot tug named the Betty-Louise; the salt water filled his blood and became his first home as they ploughed through the channels and straights of the sunshine coast.  Visiting harbors and inlets as they made a living, the ocean was his home – his world.  Life offers a strange fate to those who are hardy and soon, the western waters were left behind as the prairies beckoned a young mother and her son back to Alberta. With the ocean left behind, life began anew amidst the golden stalks of wheat and barley.

Trip can always be heard saying; “Life cannot be explored from the comfort of a couch.”  It is his belief that life calls to you and it is your kismet that steers you beneath the stars; searching out and exploring the world we travel through.  Following the words of G. Eliot, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” Trip is forever in pursuit of fulfilling his desire to live a life with every breath, chasing down every perceivable adventure.

Serving in the Canadian military, as an Air Force reserve officer and a naval weapons technician, Trip has traveled from the eastern coasts of Africa, to Alaska and the southern blue waters of the Pacific.  Whether carving his path through the Rockies on his motorcycle, wreck diving or soaring high above the wheat fields in wings of steel, he is always on the move. With a treasure chest full of life’s experiences flowing like ink from his finger tips to his keyboard; long winter nights are spent unfolding untold tales - shared with his faithful Shepard, Sergeant lying by his side.