Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Inspired by others..

There are few things that can grip you - take hold of your very soul, and make you bow down in humble admiration as the way a song that inspires can.  Such are the two videos for tourism that have been recently released by my home province of Alberta and that of the USA.  I am posting these links for all of you to share and hopefully, feel the synergy I feel with all of our neighbours and humanity the way it is captured in these songs and themes. The USA tourism video and song by Rosanne Cash is beyond words. it makes you feel something by just the act of listening.   The other video for my home town of Alberta moves me in other ways that also makes me so very proud to live in such an amazing place.

I hope that you all find a little peace with these clips and enjoy them as I do.  Please feel free to comment and let me know, just how these videos either moved you or brought other feelings to light.

Thanks again for sharing your world with mine..

Take care.

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