Thursday, 24 May 2012


I remembered a special piece that was done by Tom Brokaw back during the 2010 Olympics.  It brings me back to my last post that I find so inspiring. This video clip sums up everything that I feel binds our two nations. The United States and Canada do have a synergy that is unique and cannot be ignored or diminished by anyone.  We are unique our two nations in cultures, beliefs and attitudes.  But... that is what makes us so unique unto ourselves.

I posted awhile back a story that I shared about the Iranian hostage situation where the Americans were taken hostage. That was when I was aboard my ship and we were oh so close to war.  Tom speaks about that and how we played a vital role in freeing the American hostages.  And yes... the rest is history.

I hope that you all can share in the pride I fell for our two countries and the bond between us.  But I don't hold that to just our two borders for I feel this same bond for everyone everywhere.  We all unique and we all have our special place in this world. United, we can do amazing things. Like tell suspense thriller stories!  Lol.  Well hell... that's at least what I'm gong to be doing! ;-)

Hope you all enjoy this video clip. Be safe and be free,  But most of all, enjoy life - so get off that couch and go out and find your own adventures in this amazing world we live in.

Take care we'll chat with you all soon. :)


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  1. Trip I have just finished reading your new book "Silent Waters" and I need to tell you that this is an exceptional book. Your characters felt like real people and this was a book that was incredibly difficult to put down. The story line was absolutely intriguing with twists that left you wondering what was going to happen next.

    I was sad when I finished this book and left looking forward to your next book.

    Thank you for writing this.